About Ebba

All my art is created using at least one original element that I created myself whether that be from my photography, painting, jewelry making, or drawing. Other elements are from the public domain and/or computer generated.


Ebba is an INTJ.

If you reject the Myers-Briggs theory then she’s:

  • an introvert
  • a relentless intellectual
  • ambitious
  • lazy
  • private
  • demonstrative
  • imaginative
  • full of will power but doesn’t always use it where it would most benefit her
  • independent
  • dependent
  • sometimes insensitive; so sorry
  • very compassionate
  • thinks fads and social conventions are usually ridiculous
  • loves strategies and strategic planning
  • overly analytical
  • can be clueless regarding romance but¬†would appreciate some flowers
  • confident in all the wrong places