Learning to Draw

“I can’t draw. You have to be born with artistic talent in order to draw.”

“Anyone can learn to draw.”

Which of these statements is true? A year ago, I would’ve said the first statement applied to me, but I decided to scour the internet for some drawing tutorials, just to see if I could learn to draw anyway. Turns out, I could, but I stick by my belief that I wasn’t “born” with the talent. 

The following made all the difference:

  • A good instructor/tutorial
  • The right materials
  • The ability to listen, observe, then implement 

The above is my very first charcoal drawing. I was surprised it turned out, but I love it. 

After I finished the original, I preserved it with a fixative spray. Next, I photographed it, then applied a bit of digital wizardry for some variety.  I used apps like PhotoLab Pro and Snapseed. 
Think you can’t draw? 

Think again!


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