50 Year Old Doll

My dad traveled to San Francisco in 1964, and brought this doll home, from China Town. She’s been my constant companion through the ups and downs of my life. I dug her out and thought it was time to put her to paper, so to speak, and give her a name, Yui.

I realize that the doll is in traditional Japanese dress, but she really did come from China Town. Was this typical in 1964? Sort of like everything is stamped with Made in China now? I have no idea.

Yui is accompanied by a jade piece from my mother-in-law’s travels, and a fan which was a gift from my Japanese exchange student, Yui, in 2001; thus the name.

The background was taken from the newspaper wrapped legs of the doll. Yui was missing her hat, so I improvised with the lens cap from my macro lens. She is complete again.

japanese doll davince19.jpg


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