Photoshopped Lighthouse Addition


Sometimes inspiration is born when trying to solve a problem. For instance, our house is a very plain split level. It has no exciting architectural features whatsoever, but it does have a limited view of the water. When I stumbled across a house on Zillow, that had a lighthouse attached to it, I was inspired to improve our architecture and our view. Problem solved…almost.

Inspiration + Planning

When there is no plan, inspiration dies. It retreats to the dark forgotten library of our minds, but when there is a plan, we have completed the first step to making something happen.

Inspiration + Planning + Implementation

Inspiration, plus planning, plus implementation does not always guarantee success, but without inspiration, planning, and implementation, failure is guaranteed every single time. But when success is achieved, there is almost nothing more satisfying than seeing an idea turned into reality. Don’t you agree?





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