Fiverr for My Children’s Book

DP book

This is a mock up of my children’s book. This is a story I used to tell my kids when they were little. They’ve asked me for years to put it into print, so I hired a illustrator. She did pretty good, with only minor things that could have been tweaked.

Overall, it was a good price for what I got. I paid $84, for 8-10 illustrations. I can provide the name of the illustrator for anyone who wants to know. Just drop me a comment.

While I’m happy with the results, it’s also a bit unnerving because no illustrator is going to be to reproduce an image you’ve had in your head for years. It’s sort of like the landscaping job I had done in our front yard; it’s beautiful but not exactly how I saw it.

I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to write a book and have it made into a movie, with the book rearranged and changed to fit their concept. Thankfully, my Fiverr illustrator got it pretty darn close and this will be a fun present to give my kids.




2 thoughts on “Fiverr for My Children’s Book

  1. Hi there, would you mind sharing the name of the illustrator. Doing the same for my daughter only we took her story and wrote it into a book.


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