My Beakless Parakeet

beakless bird


Several years ago, I was experimenting with some editing software. I uploaded a picture of one of my parakeets, and only meant to edit out the background, but I accidentally took off his beak (if you edit images you know how easy this is to do).

“Huh, that looks pretty real,” and I proceeded to post the pic on my Facebook page. I thought it was an obvious image-editing hack job, but lo and behold, I started getting all kinds of sympathetic remarks about my poor bird. Something devious within me whispered, “Go with it,” so I did.

About two weeks later, my husband and I went to Europe. My daughter stayed at Grandma’s house, and they came back to check on the birds. When they were finished my mom asked, “What about the little beak-less one? Don’t we need to feed it, too?”

You know that moment was pure gold for my daughter. She almost died of laughter. My son, who was already grown and out of the house, and had graduated with a business degree, also fell for it and was following right along on Facebook. I sent him a private email and said, “Really?” Rather than feeling dumb, he saw it as a money making opportunity and started going all “entrepreneur” on me. The next thing I knew, he wanted to set up a box with a peep hole, and charge admission. I don’t know where he thought we were going to get a bird but I think it had something to do with paper mache and elaborating on the poor bird’s condition by telling everyone it also had poor eyesight and had to live in a dark box.

When I die, I’m fairly certain that “story teller” will be one of the ways I am remembered, but it does make me wonder; is there such a thing as a beak-less parakeet? Who knows, but either way, I’m sure my family and friends will appreciate me finishing my course, where I’m learning how to leave beaks, and other appendages, intact.

bob budgie2



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