Fiverr; What Can You Tell Me About It?

I recently used it for two projects:

  • logo design
  • illustrations for a children’s book

Logo Design

I’m very happy with the logo designs, but was frustrated with the process. My designer had trouble understanding English, so online communication was difficult. I tried to use simple words and embedded my messages with image examples.

Children’s Book Illustration

By the time I got anything back from my illustrator, for the children’s book, I accepted the work right away and ended it. I guess being called “sir” one too many times gave me the impression that trying to communicate further might be frustrating for both of us. I feel certain that both parties knew I was a female but both addressed me as “sir”. That, and some very broken sentences, didn’t give me confidence in their ability to understand any requests I had for revisions. Although the work was good, I would have preferred one or two revisions, but it just wasn’t worth it, and I paid a fair price even for what I got. Still, I’m just not certain I’ll use Fiverr again.

How about you?




One thought on “Fiverr; What Can You Tell Me About It?

  1. I’m a seller on fiverr and I’ve considered using an illustrator for children’s books. I’ve used other services on fiverr, but have been hesitant about using it as a means to illustrate children’s books. There are a lot of illustrators so it feels like a lot to sift through and figuring out the cost based on what different illustrators offer seems like a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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