INTJs Need to Get Over Themselves

Before I get hate mail, just let me say, I am an INTJ.

We’re wonderful, smart, have a clever sense of humor, care deeply, and are analytical, but most of the writing I read from INTJs is so introspective and deep that even I get bored.  Even my own stuff!

Let’s face it, the people that find us the most fascinating are usually US!


INTJs are most entertaining when using their humor and don’t take themselves so seriously and even go as far as poking fun of themselves. Or, when they write stuff that is NOT about themselves.

As my personal assignment to all other INTJs out there, watch some comedy this week. I mean something you think is really funny, something that makes you laugh out loud.

After that, you have my permission to go back to intense speculation as to how we’re so rare and so misunderstood.


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