Who Gives a Rat’s Ass?

Internet = Information Overload

  • How to write a good blog
  • How to sell your writing
  • How to write a novel
  • How to make money
  • How to, how to, how to……..

(Insert pic of head imploding, here)

I’m a learner. I read every day. I have books on my nightstand. I have books on the floor next to my nightstand. I am working through more than one writing course.

I know stuff, and yet,the funniest thing I read last week was about a kid celebrating the last year of his twenties, by buying a cheap plastic bottle of vodka, drinking too much of it, in the sun, at a concert, where he couldn’t find a bathroom. I guarantee you that more people found that fun to read than people who might find my drawings on how to make a biomass briquette maker (hey, that’s a real thing) interesting.

Proof that you can be full of knowledge but some smart ass kid can still make you laugh by his description of outhouse experiences and improvising when there’s no toilet paper in site.

Of course, when the end of the world comes rolling around, and I’m gathering biomass material off the forest floor and able to cook because I made fuel with my briquette maker, said kid will be hunting me down for my stash of toilet paper but until then, carry on kid. I hope my time never comes.



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