Expect Rejection, but Not Like This

CS Lewis Was Not Rejected 800 Times

Is That Even Possible


In a previous post, I quoted that CS Lewis had been rejected 800 times. People that know me, know that I’m a fact checker. I annoy people by doing it. I love calling “BS” on the gullible crap that people post.

This week, I posted crap myself because I didn’t follow my gut, and my own tendency to question everything. I knew I should have fact checked, because something in the back of my mind said, “800 times? Why such a round number? Were there even that many publishers back then? Was CS Lewis writing stuff that was that unpopular or (worse yet) was he really that inept?”

I failed you. I copied and pasted. I perpetuated a lie.

I should be flogged.

In my defense (we all have one, right) I believed the source where I got that information. It was from a very reputable writing course institution (shame on them).

Click below to find out the facts. CS Lewis’ was actually published at a fairly young age, although it took awhile for any of his works to become big sellers.



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