Artificial Turf

Love the vintage artwork!

Elan Mudrow


Stop treating us like a lawn

Trimming the grass,

Adjusting the lawnmower’s height

Sprinkling bags of feed and weed

Attempting to even out our growth

We cannot be manicured

Let us have a few dandelions

Who follow the sun

Bees alive circling their blooms

How about a fiddlehead fern or two?

Rhododendrons, fawn lilies, and western azalea?

Stop being such an edger

Making perfect lines in our relationship

It makes me feel like
I want to run off with a common ragwort

To live upon the Greater Plantain

Cuddling up with a couple of creeping thistles.

Don’t even think about barkdust!

Do you want slivers?

Toss away the keep off the grass sign

And let’s mess up the flowerbeds

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