INTJ Doorslam | Do INTJs Cut People Out (Cut Off Ties or End Relationships)

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Ebba’s comments on the following article:

It’s my opinion that INTJs are known for doing the notorious “doorslam”, for an additional reason that was only eluded to in the below article. Since we are the rarest personality type, how many of the other personality types really commit to understanding us? Sure, you have the devoted spouse or family member, maybe even that rare friend who tries, but in my experience, the world at large does not get us. They’ll admire us when we produce something fabulous like CS Lewis did with his writings, but understand us? If they did, then things wouldn’t get to that “door slamming” stage in the first place, at least in my experience. If some of my former acquaintances cared enough to understand me, they would have stopped being argumentative, petty, and dramatic, long before I got fed up with it. But, they didn’t and some of us think that, not subjecting ourselves to that kind of behavior, is the same thing as having healthy boundaries. ~ Ebba Sage



INTJs are one of the personality types known for doing the notorious “doorslam.” What is the door slam? That’s where the INTJ abruptly cuts someone out of his or her life. In this artic…

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