Combining Painting & Digital Art

My last project in 2017, was inspired by a home that I visited via a virtual house tour. The realtor had hired an artist to “stage” the home using software that uploaded furniture, appliances, accessories, etc. to photos of the home’s empty rooms. So cool!

In the main living area hung an Asian inspired painting of cherry blossoms. I loved it, so I created my own version, using red, black, and white paint, and a different type of blossom just to change it a bit. Fun!


Creating A New Character

I’ve been working through another art course. The first assignment was to draw an eyeball. I did. It was boring. I decided I would create my own version with some digital tweaking. Whoa.

What shall I name her?

Where does she come from?

What will the rest of her look like?

I’m not sure yet, so for now she’ll get locked away in my database of sci-fi characters.

Learning to Draw

“I can’t draw. You have to be born with artistic talent in order to draw.”

“Anyone can learn to draw.”

Which of these statements is true? A year ago, I would’ve said the first statement applied to me, but I decided to scour the internet for some drawing tutorials, just to see if I could learn to draw anyway. Turns out, I could, but I stick by my belief that I wasn’t “born” with the talent. 

The following made all the difference:

  • A good instructor/tutorial
  • The right materials
  • The ability to listen, observe, then implement 

The above is my very first charcoal drawing. I was surprised it turned out, but I love it. 

After I finished the original, I preserved it with a fixative spray. Next, I photographed it, then applied a bit of digital wizardry for some variety.  I used apps like PhotoLab Pro and Snapseed. 
Think you can’t draw? 

Think again!

Lady With No Name

I drew her so I should know who she is, but I don’t. It was the first portrait I ever sketched, and I think her likeness came out of a book, but I didn’t care for her much. Her right eye looked wonky and her nose was overshadowed. I tucked her away and forgot about her. She stayed there, for 28 years.


portrait of an 80's lady.jpeg

Original Sketch

About three months ago, I resurrected her from my old sketch pad. Now that I have learned to use an image editor and filters, I’ve given my gal a whole new life. Now she’s been passed around my Facebook friends, some volunteering to give her name; Jessica (after Jessica Tandy), Lois, Alexa, Ivanka, Meryl, Andrea. Can you see how the political climate, and my diverse group of friends, came up with such suggestions?!

Whatever name she ends up with, I’ll always remember her as the woman who patiently waited until I got back to her. I still have a long way to go, when it comes to drawing portraits, but hopefully the next one won’t take so long.

lady portrait final.jpg

After a digital nose and eye job

Vintage Tiles

If you catch Netflix’s Hidden Houses (Episode: Trevor Hall) you might be as intrigued with JC Edwards, as I was. He became the world’s largest tile manufacturer and shipped to America, India, Africa, etc. He even produced tiles for the Titanic, and the London Underground.

These came from demolition and were uninstalled in Uruguayan cities where they were used in great profusion in the early 20th century.

Now these tiles live in Seattle, after we were able to find a seller on Bonanza. Super easy transaction and a great vendor. 


jce on tile.jpg